The Book of Living Magic

The Book of Living Magic, a freeware game developed by Jonas
The Book of Living Magic has been developed by Jonas & Verena Kyratzes
Help Raven Locks Smith in her quest of finding the Book Of Living Magic. Your journey begins in the village of Oddness Standing.
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Game Reviews

its look like am dreaming . and its make me feeling headache *_*
LV 7spy007(7 years ago)
reallygood so far, but i think that keping humans as pets...lol espcially by a cat...
LV 7VegasCourier(6 years ago)
poor you hope you feel better! add me
LV 5beepers611(7 years ago)
really beepers?
LV 7willywonka639(7 years ago)
i finished its cute but really needs a good story line
LV 7willywonka639(7 years ago)
liked- soo good omg
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(7 months ago)
its pretty cute hahaha... :D
LV 1(7 years ago)