The Adventures of Dear Explorer

The Adventures of Dear Explorer, a freeware game developed by Ricardo Vladimiro
The Adventures of Dear Explorer has been developed by Ricardo Vladimiro
The Adventures of Dear Explorer is a action RPG that takes place in a dungeon crawler map. A jock with a shotgun, a kidnapped cheerleader, slugs and zombies... and that's just the beginning.
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Game Reviews

wow holy crap it has 5 stars !!!!
LV 10ComfortablyNumb(7 years ago)
Wow! There are only four comments and there is already 5.00 stars!
LV 5CuteGirl(7 years ago)
4 and half stars with only 10 votes! wow!
LV 4inFAMOUS97(7 years ago)
not a bad game, but the controls could be looser, however.
LV 6Jenk(5 years ago)
It's okay, if you like this sort of thing.
LV 5Geminate(4 years ago)
LV 4sumi(4 years ago)
liked- very cool
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(9 months ago)
arghhh!!!!,., so slow,., in loading,.,
LV 5montgolfier23(7 years ago)
i like it the graphs suck though
LV 7kingkickass(7 years ago)
where all the white women at?...o.0...
LV 4nightmare2010(7 years ago)