Searching for the Elephant

Searching for the Elephant is an cute point and click adventure game with nice atmosphere and great puzzles and mini-games developed by Marvelmate
Searching for the Elephant has been developed by Marvelmate, Astep, Bidyob, Vhava & Nexter
Help the cute bear in his quest of finding his best friend, mr Elephant. Solve different puzzles and mini-games, helping numerous characters that will help you in your quest.
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Game Reviews

1. Open the closet and take out the screw thing and put it in the door lock. 2.Turn the fan on and off until a part falls off and then put it onto the lock. 3. Go up the ladder and click the thing blowing out air two times. 4. Brush away the leaves and take the stick and hit the bee hive. 5. Go up the ladder. 6. Put leaves near the squirrel's feet, and then take a nut shell and collect water to pour on the mushroom. 7. Put some leaves on the anteater's back and click on it a couple times. Go into the hole. 8. Click on the pile of objects until you find a record. Put it into the gramophone. 9. Clock on the spiral with seeds in the middle and drag one of them to the end. 10. Put the seed into the tube and turn the valve. 11. Put the valve into the empty spot near the others. 12. Turn the first valve three times, the second zero times, and the third one time. Enter the hole. 13. Click the button and turn the circles until they all match up with the line.14. Click the arrow buttons until it matches up with the thing under the blanket and then click the down arrow. 15. Click the lock and do it in this order: square with triangle piece taken out, square with triangle piece taken out, half-circle, full circle. (May be different from mine) Enter the wall.16. Click the robot and input the same shapes that you see on the right onto the left. 17. Click the little box that is in the section with the teapots and connect the pipes. 18. Click two items in the shelf and click the coffee and H20 then click the button. 19. Help the bear and leave through the door. 20. Click on the first robot and use the screwdriver and wrench to loosen its back, make sure to return each tool to its hand after. 21. Take the square from it's back and put it into the box next to it. 22. Put the circle into the other robot and climb the ladder. 23. Get captured by the robots and click the moon until you get the key. 24. When the robots grab you, take the helmet thing off of the robot on the right and put it onto the left. 25. Click on all the animal cages with an X on them. 26. Click on the robot and then on the little box next to you. 27. Click on the boxes until you make a circle.28. Click on the little panel in the floor and click the buttons from right to left. 29. Go on the moving thing and take out one wheel. 30. Pull out the robots plug using the arrows on the machine. 31. Click on the bottom of the electric thing and get the square into the down section. 32. You're done.
it's really awesome i love it :)
So cute! Was searching for his friend and by the way saved the world :D
This game was lovely. The graphics gave it a "Limbo" feel, and the music was truly amazing. :)
good game :) Lol Its Funny help your friends to escape
That was cute. ^__^ and the puzzles made my brain work. Nice game.
This game is awesome and really cute! :)
My 5 stars fun game ;)
Anybody know what the music in the beginning is called?It's beautiful to me. :)
This was an adorable game! Absolutely loved it!
The game won't load for me!
This game just keeps on loading and it still says 50%...
really awesome!
rate 2 liked how it looked though