Returning Of The Quantum Cat

Returning Of The Quantum Cat, a freeware game developed by Peter Kosyh
Returning Of The Quantum Cat has been developed by Peter Kosyh & Kharvat Heorhiy
A classic text adventure game where you play as an former hacker who gets back in the business after a long break.
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Game Reviews

let me see...
LV 5LuciferMorningstar(7 years ago)
bah... not worse my time...to bad i spend an little time with it...
LV 5LuciferMorningstar(7 years ago)
wasting my time
LV 1(7 years ago)
If you have a brain and some patience you will enjoy this game immensely. Be sure to check your inventory items by double clicking on them and hit save now and again.
LV 5Geminate(6 years ago)
Not very good, but interesting game :)
LV 10003333(3 years ago)
The music is good and the storyline isn't bad. Because I don't mind reading, I didn't lose interest but most beginning text adventurers would be intimidated by the long page of script, as opposed to short, descriptive paragraphs and multiple choice commands. I hop to see more in the future!
LV 1City0rdinance(3 years ago)
liked- not the best game though
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(9 months ago)
stupid boring game :(
LV 9cute_girl(7 years ago)
to go on with this game click on the red words....
LV 5LuciferMorningstar(7 years ago)