Return to Zork

Return to Zork is an a classic adventure game with awesome story-line and lengthy game-play developed by Infocom
Return to Zork has been developed by Infocom
An intriguing puzzle-based adventure game with an compelling story set in a dark world where evil resides. Play as a traveler set to save the empire from the forces of evil. Explore the amazing territory and solve various puzzles along the way while searching for the hidden truth.
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Game Reviews

disliked- but its quite different from most games tbh
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(11 months ago)
Interesting to say the least just not my forte. I appreciate the unique style the creator used but at the same time...It's hard to stay focused on 1 single thing in here because of all the colors. Not to mention it takes a little too long to load, makes you download something...and for those who have trouble hearing, they don't know what is being said. So Subtitles would have been really nice but I understand why it doesn't have them I guess. Long story short. Awesome concept, bad execution.
LV 4Ewood28623(2 months ago)