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walkthrough.plz like ....steps to winning the game: 1. click the skull and let it talk. then click the magnet and eel then unlock the door with the key. 2. click the guy that's sitting by the door. then click the red little monster by the water. go to the other side of the tree and click the bubbles. next click the bubbles again. click the flower that fell by the tree. finally go back to the guy. 3. after you click all the symbols click the sink then the lights. then quickly click the last symbol. 4. click the paper and then click the 4th top locker when the man is walking back. the 5th bottom locker has the screwdriver in it. click it and then the airduct. 5. i skip the maze always cuz idk where to go. (if you skip you still get the points so it doesn't matter if you skip.) 6. click the orange plug to the hamster cage. then click the eraser on the desk. next click the water bottle to the hamster cage. finally click the grey box on the wall and then his cup he was drinking out of. lastly click the cup. 7. you can skip the airduct again. (again it doesn't matter because you still get the points.) 8. click the microwave and then the cabinet above the white box and click the poisen. finally click his cup and he dies. the end. hope this helps you guys out.
LV 6UABPC(4 years ago)
How do you get pass the guy near the lockers? o.o
LV 4Xzerodoll(5 years ago)
to get key out of the guy is to click magnet then eal
LV 4dannywolf493(5 years ago)
this is such a cool game
LV 1americannkiddo23(5 years ago)
I think it's really cute, they should make more.
LV 5MusixLife(5 years ago)
thi is so funny i amlost died of laghing
LV 2herobine(5 years ago)
play this game in 5x and exit and sign in and press f5 you got a level 20
LV 4gameslayer(5 years ago)
The Best Of The Best!!!
LV 1thiaranatasya(5 years ago)
loli like this game
LV 1little_cutie(5 years ago)
awesoooooooooooomee game it took me no time to complete
LV 3pempa(5 years ago)