Purple Planet

Purple Planet is an cute adventure point and click game for kids developed by Irene Antoshevich
Purple Planet has been developed by Irene Antoshevich, Alexey Mamadin & Anna Markova
You and your cute dog have been sent on the Purple Planet to search for extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately you had a little crash on the landing site and now you find yourself alone inside an alien spaceship. Your dog is nowhere to find.
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Game Reviews

wow this game is stupid. so freaking retarded.
LV 3thebeastboy(6 years ago)
what the crap this is the stupid game ever crated i hate this game so much!
LV 1frankie1(6 years ago)
liked - its actually really good not too hard not too easy to complete :)
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(10 months ago)
hehehe wtf! ,|,
LV 5LuciferMorningstar(6 years ago)