Owl's Nest

Owl's Nest, a freeware game developed by PastelGames
Owl's Nest has been developed by PastelGames
At the end of 1943 Nazis launched the project RIESE. In the Owl mountains is Silesia they formed a gigantic system of factories and research laboratories. You play as a Allied spy whose mission is to search the underground laboratories where the Nazis are developing a secret weapon.
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Game Reviews

for people stuck on the start break the alarm thing ( the one with the red light blinking ) with the flashlight -.-
good game, beautifully painted
i dont have enough bullets >.< i keep dying now
I knew it that there was going to be Nazi zombies.
the picture does look boring but not the game
great game 5 stars for me
nice game, yeah! And the walkthrough is helpful :)
this game is so mlg pro exept hitler -_-
i have 1 bullet left against 3 zombies... Then i looked in my inventory........ I HAD A DAGGER THE ENTIRE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why didnt i use that? seriously?
I really liked the look of the game, like the way it was sketched out. It looks very nice :)
for the ones playing first time: use the flashlight to brake the alarm,go to the desk and take the knife from the middle drawer and the document from the 3. drawer,click on the right side of the desk and cut the 3. square with the knife,go to the bookshelf and click on the book,the other key will be there,go to the fireplace and put the 2 keys in the blanks marked with X. :)
very good game- shame theres no badges
this game izz challenging
picture looks boring to me