Once Upon A Timeline

Once Upon A Timeline is an point and click mystery game developed by Awfindlay
Once Upon A Timeline has been developed by Awfindlay
Uncover the mystery behind your aunt's murder, a brilliant scientist and inventor. Use the time machine to travel through time, interact with different characters, solve puzzles and try to alter the future to prevent the tragic event.
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Game Reviews

An interesting play, to say the least. It took me a bit to figure out all of the controls (yes, I do realize there was a map explaining each control), but other than that the game was relatively simple. I wish I didn't have to press the arrow keys over and over again to go through years, where as you can click and hold using the mouse. Overall, I give this game a 4.5/5! Very fun, and an interesting take on time travel and how we can effect the outcome of events.
LV 5AlphaSnakebird(3 years ago)
Was a bit confused as to what I needed to do but was actually amused by this point and click. Pretty fun take on time travel and it was fun watching the word build/rebuild as I went through time. :)
LV 2justjennh7(3 years ago)
Great time travel game!
LV 7BibiLapin(2 years ago)
I'm using Firefox, but for some reason, it doesn't work.. :(
LV 8Gry1(2 years ago)