Nelly 2: Episode 1

Nelly 2: Episode 1 is an cute side-scrolling adventure game recommended for kids developed by Deqaf Studio
Nelly 2: Episode 1 has been developed by Deqaf Studio
Explore the woods in search for a way out. Use your furry companion to interact with the forest and solve different puzzles. Will you help Nelly escape the fairy forest?
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Game Reviews

I love this game :) I would say it has to be a 10 out of 10
LV 1Sexygal238(4 years ago)
This game is scary
LV 7mittemot(4 years ago)
this is in ok game the only part i got stuck on was the mushroom and poison berry plant part in that one you have to bound the thing to the food up top then it becomes boundsable a side from that it was kind of easy 4/5
LV 9spar172(4 years ago)
It's such a fun game!! I LOVE IT!! XD
LV 5Nita(4 years ago)
I love it like really it wasnt to bad WooHoo
LV 1PunkPrincess09(4 years ago)
hint please.. how do i get pass a red mushroom without my hairy pet turning into a monster?
LV 3mj1613(4 years ago)
The music is so beautiful. Kind of reminds me of a happier Limbo.
LV 2Girgisour(4 years ago)
LV 1davisderpenson(4 years ago)
How do i get past this forest? the ladder hanging from a tree past
LV 2Feline_Eye222(4 years ago)
nice game
LV 2MrSmurf(4 years ago)