Kveendolnitza is an adventure point and click fantasy game developed by Jacek Szleszynski

Many centuries ago the ancients ruled time and space. Before they left they hid all their knowledge in the legendary Kveendolnitza. No one knows what it is or where it is, but many are looking for it. One of them is Triton. Maybe you can find it together?

This game has been developed by Jacek Szleszynski


XzerodollApr 17, 2012 LV.4I really like the game. But I don't understand what to do...0Rate this comment as goodRate this comment as bad
rnrfApr 29, 2012 LV.5adventure lover try it;) 0Rate this comment as goodRate this comment as bad
GeminateNov 06, 2012 LV.4A fun and easy game requiring a little patience. The Kveendolnitza can be found toward the end of the game, remember to click on Triton.0Rate this comment as goodRate this comment as bad
johneguia71Apr 20, 2012 LV.3very confused with this game???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-1Rate this comment as goodRate this comment as bad
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size4 MB
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