Enola Prelude

Enola Prelude is an turn based fantasy adventure flash game developed by Grindheadgames
Enola Prelude has been developed by Grindheadgames & Jimp
Join our hero in his quest of finding the one responsible of his father's death. Use different spells and ailments to defeat enemies, collect ingredients, level up and discover the secret of the Makhana.
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Game Reviews

Game loads fine for me!
When I first saw the title I thought it said "emo prelude"
nice lil game no problems wish it had badges though
a strive to play and play the game is just epic
this game are for the patient people :D
i love this game as much as making friends with all of you nice people
I don't like this game..its boring.. :(
will it take 1 year to load i have not much patient hate slow games
LOADING..lOADING.. I Hate slow loading games . cause I don't hhave much patience . What does thisEnola pelude means.
i thnk the game will start 2mrrw!!!!!!!!!1
slow loading game