Apokalyx, a freeware game developed by Xplored
Apokalyx has been developed by Xplored
Apokalyx is a turn-based RPG fighting game.Equip and enter the arenas to beat up some other warriors! Become the gladiator champion!
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Game Reviews

great game! 5/5
3th ^_^ amazing game
4th sweet bloody game aadd mmee
5th, nice game, its awesome
bored, very bored
yeah it gets kinda boring when you play it for a long time
naah! i play for 10 minutes..... 10 minutes very bored hahaha
Game freezes a bunch... Anyone else have that problem?
nice game bate whene you playet so matche you get boring
Blazer...same user as me
they should give badge for this great game
too many bugs on it :( really pushing my patience :D. HAHA :D.
HAHA was that it? :(, i want to face the dark lord :D. and continue on my journey :D.
i beat tha game first try im awsome!!!!!