An All Hallow's Tale

An All Hallow's Tale is an shory adventure point and click Halloween game developed by Aasta L. Otnes
An All Hallow's Tale has been developed by Aasta L. Otnes & Regan Music
On an All Hallow's Eve you come to find yourself in a strange place, where a little girl needs your help! Monsters and ghosts and whispering winds, will they assist or will they hinder?
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Game Reviews

this is a good game but I wish there was more
LV 3MrCatbug(4 years ago)
LV 14jprv47(4 years ago)
This was a really cute game, love the music and artwork style :')
LV 1thewalkingdead1920(4 years ago)
this game s u c k s. its to easy. sorry
LV 12nightsblood(4 years ago)
Hi, thanks heaps for crediting us in your game description. We have been tracking down a lot of websites that have re-uploaded our game as we have found many are claiming the game to have been created by them with no credit to myself or Aasta. You credited us so I'll let this be, the comments I see are mostly positive :)
LV 1kerihobo(3 years ago)
After some thought, it is not in our interest to allow hosting of our intellectual property anywhere other than where we have chosen to upload it ourselves. Please can you remove this game from your account, with respect to Aasta and myself as the creators and rights owners of this as a product.
LV 1kerihobo(3 years ago)
this game was really cute i liked it
LV 6ZoieLovesYou2(4 years ago)
Incredibly short, and way too easy
LV 5MiniMikayla(4 years ago)
i dont like it it's too easy
LV 8biba(4 years ago)
this game has a cute art style
LV 1(4 years ago)