Super Wicked Awesome

Super Wicked Awesome, a freeware game developed by Jay Armstrong
Super Wicked Awesome has been developed by Jay Armstrong & Sean Parnell
Help Thane find his buddy who got lost during the time travel.
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Game Reviews

awesome game! rated 5/5
LV 13mark_91(7 years ago)
i bet u shawman is gay
LV 4coolman(6 years ago)
LV 5LuciferMorningstar(7 years ago)
Why are they naked?
LV 4Xzerodoll(6 years ago)
they have no..nevermind
LV 1(7 years ago)
#vinnie lmao i noticed that too
LV 8The_Duke(7 years ago)
this game sucks
LV 3AlexEatsGiraffes(7 years ago)
is it just me...or is this game just a wee bit gay?
LV 4kablasoni(7 years ago)
This game's alright.
LV 12Shawman(7 years ago)
dude thay need to put som cloths on theyre flashing me
LV 1(7 years ago)