Mole Hammers

Mole Hammers is an addictive 1button whac-a-mole type of game that can be played in 2players developed by Otto-Ville Ojala
Mole Hammers has been developed by Otto-Ville Ojala
Addictive 2player Whac-A-Mole type of game with cute graphics and very good replay value. Swing your hammer with perfect timing and build up the combo multiplier! The game can be played in single player against AI or in 2players mode.
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Game Reviews

Very simple game. My baby sister loved it! The 2 player option brings out my competitive side... :P
LV 9Mortician(5 years ago)
This is not a bad game!
LV 4Kris19275(5 years ago)
LV 1XvkinG(5 years ago)
Pahahahs x :))
LV 4Nanazxxxlovezyou(5 years ago)
simple game :P
LV 1ustad(5 years ago)