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Cube Escape: The Lake is a creepy point and click adventure game with jumpscares and interesting storyline developed by RustyLake Studios and playable on
by RustyLake Studios
You find yourself in what seams to be an abandoned cabin that holds a lot of secrets waiting to be revealed. Click around to interact with the environment, pick things up and use them to solve the ...
Tap Heroes is a point and click adventure game with heroes and infinite amount of gameplay developed by Varagt P Studios and playable on
by Varagt P Studios
Click your way through endless hordes of monsters as you grow ever more powerful. Defeat bosses to unlock new areas and recruit heroes to join you in your adventure. Collect gold coins and gems to ...
Newton's Law is a gravity based shooting game developed by Andrew McArthur & Joelle Douglas and playable on
by Andrew McArthur
Help Newton, some average small cop clear up the Mall from the bad guys. It looks like someone hacked the security network and turned off the gravity so you'll have to use your gun to move around. ...
Taught Love Machine is a keyboard based single screen puzzle game with challenging levels developed by Andrew Morrish and playable on
by Andrew Morrish
Your goal in this challenging single-screen puzzle game is to push both hearts together for a perfect match. Use your skills to guide the robotic arms of the Taught Love Machine through each level.
Continuous is a 3d horror escape game developed by Stanislaw Truchowski and playable on
by Stanislaw Truchowski
Enter a world of endless loops where strange things are happening. This game is not for faint-hearted.
Muddy Heights is a funny unity game with upgrades developed by Ben Sanchez, Alex Sanchez & Corey Hendrey and playable on
by Ben Sanchez
Poop your way to victory! Launch the almighty turd at the pedestrians to cause some serious carnage. Use the money you earn to purchase chili, cheeseburgers and more food to beef up your payload fo...
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Ballies is a  developed by MunsieGames and playable on
4.06 | rank #970 | fans 106
Guitar Geek is a challenging music-themed action flash game developed by Megadev  and playable on
4.61 | rank #95 | fans 491
Realm of the Mad God is a  developed by WildShadow&SpryFox and playable on
4.57 | rank #134 | fans 173
Survive Popo is a cute platformer recommend for kids developed by Steve Lie, Ivana Grasia & Max Loren and playable on
4.42 | rank #373 | fans 129
XSpeed Race is a high polished 3d car racing game developed by Madalin Stanciu and playable on
4.50 | rank #243 | fans 24