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Broforce, run and gun game inspired from the popular game Contra. This flash game has been developed by FreeLivesBroforceplatformbloodyshootingsidescrollingJoin the Broforce, an paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force and fight your way through the jungle in this Contra-style run 'n' gun action game. The game has some...

Stephen Karsch: Shadow Mission, launching game for tablets and phones. This flash game has been developed by LevelFailedStephen Karsch: Shadow Missionlaunchskillmouse onlyhtml5collectheroOur action hero, Stephen Karsch needs your help to put the bad guys behind bars. Use his special ability to collect enough evidence to catch the bad guys. The game features 25 challenging...

Tennis 3D, mouse only 3d tennis game. This flash game has been developed by Tennis 3Dsportskill3dmouse onlyTest your tennis skills against CPU in this challenging 3D tennis game. Choose your favorite surface and hit the court. This is an mouse-only game so you'll be playing it using only the mouse....

Dare Up, wingsuiting game. This flash game has been developed by Vander Amaral, Emerson Passos & Vagner AmaralDare Upsportstuntflying3dskillsimIf you like extreme sports you will love this game. Put on your wingsuit and prepare for some adrenaline rush. Fly as close as you can to the surface to earn multipliers and raise your score....

Screen Head, funny 3d brawler. This flash game has been developed by NickZangusScreen Headbrawlerfightingkilling3dbloodyfunnyAfter years of honorable service your masters decided it would be best to get rid of you. But that doesn't seams right for you, does it? Unplug yourself and take your revenge now, life is too...

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, 3d brawler game with works. This flash game has been developed by Warner BrosThe Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armiesfightingkilling3dactionbrawlerTake part in the epic battle for Middle-Earth in this addictive 3D brawler game. Choose your favorite side and enter the battle grounds. Switch between characters for a tactical advantage, and...

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