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Wait, mystery horror game inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series. This flash game has been developed by rest.less Games Wait scary creepy sci fi rpg top down mystery adventure download windows pixel And there I stand, fed and alone, my heart is heavy as a stone. My deeds changed nothing in the end, the inevitable truth cannot be bent. Use ALT+ENTER to enter fullscreen and F1 key for the...

Sherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mystery, fun online detective game. This flash game has been developed by Caramel Games Sherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mystery detective puzzlepoint'n'click adventure mystery Someone has murdered Mr.T, the owner of some local tea shop and it's to up our famous detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes to find the criminal. Looks like Mr. T was drowned in a big cup of tea in...

The Sound of Darkness, text based horror adventure game. This flash game has been developed by The Bowtie Boss The Sound of Darkness scary text based adventure escape keyboard only adventure sci fi You awake to the sound of darkness. Until the point, you didn't think darkness made noise but the silence all around you was so stark, so piercing, so absolute, that the darkness felt loud. You...

Heritage, windows compatible freeware horror game with great atmosphere and puzzles. This flash game has been developed by BLF Games & SmokeStudio Heritage scary mystery horror puzzle 3d download windows Why is that we always yearn childhood memories when we lost someone? Why those memories become painful nightmares when we lost someone? That is how I'm feeling, yearning those beautiful moments...

The Deepest Sleep, scary point and click pixel game. This flash game has been developed by ScriptWelder The Deepest Sleep scary creepy horror escape adventurepoint'n'click mystery pixel You are the bottom depth now, there is nothing beneath you. It is important that you avoid the Bottom Feeders. They live at the bottom layer of the realm of dreams, feeding upon everything that...

Nekra Psaria Part 1, bizzare point and click adventure game. This flash game has been developed by DrawManEater Nekra Psaria Part 1 creepypoint'n'click adventure mouse only puzzle escape Help our couch potato, Johny boy, to find a source of fuel for his generator cause it ran out of juice. Explore the bizarre world of Nekra Psaria.

Idle Web Tycoon, web tycoon sim game with upgrades. This flash game has been developed by HThomson Idle Web Tycoon tycoon sim mouse only upgrades Build an website and learn how to get revenue from it in this great website sim game. Purchase different technologies and start earning some cash.

Fingerbones, 3d escape horror game with eerie atmosphere. This flash game has been developed by David Szymanski Fingerbones scary horror 3d escape mystery post apocalyptic Fingerbones is a short psychological horror game that focuses on storytelling and mystery. You begin in an bunker...just you and the golden light filtering in from the windows. As you explore,...

Undead Isle: Chapter 1, first person shooter game with zombies. This flash game has been developed by MartianGames Undead Isle: Chapter 1 scary horror 3d fps zombie post apocalyptic doomsday shooting action Unity 3D Advanced Survival Horror FPS. You find yourself on a mysterious island of horrific genetic experiments and creatures hungry for blood. You hope to find some way to defend yourself...

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