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Nerdy Dwarf, single-screen path-based unity game with challenging puzzles. This flash game has been developed by YsmolskyNerdy Dwarfpuzzlesingle screencollectpixelA challenging path-based logic game to cure your boredom. Our hero is stuck in a dungeon and he really needs your help. Guide him to the exit door while collecting axes and smashing rocks. Be...

Slime Laboratory, pixel-based platformer for kids. This flash game has been developed by NeutronizedSlime Laboratoryplatformpixelcutekeyboard onlykidsHelp our slimy dude find a way out of the laboratory in one piece. Use his abilities to navigate through levels avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Can you squeeze your way out of the...

Snuggle Truck, physics-based driving game. This flash game has been developed by Owlchemy LabsSnuggle TruckdrivingsidescrollingcarphysicsskillSmuggle your passengers across the border in the least amount of time. Use your truck to drive them safely over the hills, deserts and forests avoiding traps and deadly animals. Try to catch...

Stick Squad 3, the third installment of the popular stick-man shooting game, Stick Squad by Brutal Studio. This flash game has been developed by Brutal StudioStick Squad 3shootingsniperstickactionkillingskillOur talented snipers, Damien Walker & Ron Hawkins are back in the action. Help them track down The Voice, the mastermind behind a famous criminal organisation responsible for for many criminal...

SlenderCraft, an minecraft-like version of the popular horror game, slenderman. This flash game has been developed by MetaLWarrioR GamesSlenderCraftscaryslenderman3descapecreepyAfter entering a nether portal, our protagonist finds himself teleported to an unfamiliar world, haunted by a strange paranormal entity that can kill you with a single look. Your goal in...

Five Nights at Freddy's 2, part 2 of the popular five night's t freddy's video game. This flash game has been developed by Scott CawthonFive Nights at Freddy's 2scaryjumpscarecreepypoint an clickGrand Re-Opening! Vintage pizzeria given new life! Come be a part of the new face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! What could go wrong?

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