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The Sandman, freeware horror rpg adventure game. This flash game has been developed by Uri & Vgperson The Sandman scary rpg adventure top down download windows The Sandman...he doesn't like children who stays he digs their eyes with a spoon and makes them into stew!!!

Tinysasters 2, city builder type pf game with cute graphics. This flash game has been developed by Isabelle Volute &Thomas Ygwee Tinysasters 2 strategy sim board management cute Develop your civilization on a tiny tile-based world. Fight your way through natural disasters that reconfigure the ground and make your life harder.

Pillow City: Revelation, zombie killing sidescroller. This flash game has been developed by SmallFarm Studio Pillow City: Revelation zombie killing sim sidescrolling bloody My name is Hiro. I moved to Pillow City together with my little sister after we tragically lost our parents. Things been working out pretty well for us so far and I managed to find a job in the...

Death Proclaimed, indie creepy adventure game with good scares and great storyline. This flash game has been developed by Jake Springhorn Death Proclaimed scary rpg adventure top down creepy Alice Reene is a young girl who is tormented and haunted by ghastly dreams of her hometown. Having enough of the visions, Alice decides to visit the town once again. She knew the journey would...

The Narrow Path, great post-apocalyptic game with zombies and eerie atmosphere. This flash game has been developed by Nico Saraintaris, Damian Troncoso & Fernando Martinez The Narrow Path zombie killing rts strategy post apocalyptic monster Survive in an zombie infested city for as long as you can. Use your army of reanimated monsters to protect your motorhome. If you like the game please vote in on Steam Greenlight!

Monkey GO Happy Adventure, funny point and click adventure game recommended for kids. This flash game has been developed by Robin Vencel Monkey GO Happy Adventure monkey animal adventure puzzle kidspoint'n'click Help our wiping monkey enter the Evil King's Castle and free all the mini-monkey toys. Make sure to collect all the coins and use them to purchase stuff from the village.

Word Quest, casual crossword game with highscores. This flash game has been developed by Shajby Word Quest word board puzzle skill Choose a set of 10 letters and create as many words as you can within 90 seconds. Each word you create will increase your time limit. The longer the words the higher you score.

The Last Door: Chapter 3, the third part of the popular horror adventure game The Last Door. This flash game has been developed by theGameKitchen The Last Door: Chapter 3 scary adventure detective pixel retropoint'n'click You may keep my miserable kingdom, you may keep my spike encrusted jewels. Stay there as you will, and stare into my eyes. I am a shadow's shadow and will not disappoint.

Flappy Bird, Flappy Bird online. This flash game has been developed by Maxblive Flappy Bird skill flying one button hardcore keyboard only horizontal flight Fly through the pipes and see how far you can get! Use SPACEBAR to control the birdie.

Taunt, horror rpg game inspired from silent hill. This flash game has been developed by Charon Taunt scary mystery horror creepy adventure rpg download windows And they held each other and kissed...and pushed each other's darkness into the corner...believing in each others' light, each others' dream...

Lisa The First, bizzare and disturbing adventure game. This flash game has been developed by Austin Jorgensen Lisa The First scary adventure rpg download windows creepy A game about survival, sacrifice, and perverts. Uncover the past of a lonely and conflicted young girl. Travel through an unknown, but yet familiar world. Discover the demons that haunt her...

TowerTris, tetris like game with a twist and pixelate graphics. This flash game has been developed by Studio Pina TowerTris tetris skill puzzle pixel retro keyboard only tower Use the falling blocks to build an mighty tower. Use the left/right keys to rotate the board.

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